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MBA International Program

The MBA International Program of the University of Chester is ideal for students who longing to master international marketing, finance, HR management and also wish to have the thorough knowledge of business strategies in different economic situations.

The programme is designed for developing the understanding the international business management of the middle and to senior level executives further.

Combining the theoretical concepts and ideological aspects of best business practice with academic process the programme helps managers and executives to make better decisions in various business scenarios.

MBA degree is now considered as a premium business qualification for modern business that helps to improve efficiency for having more contribution to the organization.

MBA Modules

  • Management Skills and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management in the Global Environment
  • Financial Analysis and Management
  • Strategic Management in Global Contexts
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Research Methodologies

With an elective from

  • International Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing Management

Postgraduate Major Project

As part of the course, students will be required to undertake one of the following methods of study. This is subject to formal approval by their Course Leader:

  • Integrated Case Study; OR
  • Business Development Proposal; OR
  • Dissertation

* Modules listed above may vary depending on changes to the syllabus.

  • Expert Tuition:The University Chester offers tuition by professionals who are stalwarts in their field of work with great command over the subject and having supportive attitudes to help the students.
  • Excellent Facilities:Chester provides offers excellent facilities to the students. These are specially designed towards complementing, enhancing and benefiting the campus experience of the students.
  • Impressive Location: London being less than an hour’s journey by train the campus is easily accessible by road and rail and is ideally located for Peterborough City Centre and local parkways.
  • Supportive Environment:The University dedicated for the cause of the students and is committed to help them succeed. The University also has support staff ready at every level for assisting the students.
  • Building a Career:The degree being from a reputable British university can enhance career prospects.
  • Advancement:The MBA degree opens up the scope of promotion.
  • Employers' Choice: Employers deem MBA degree associated with business skills and ability to make viable contribution. Including the MBA degree in the resume attracts employers as the present industry trend is to employ MBA postgraduates.
  • Increased Earnings:Studies reveal that employees with MBA degree draw more than others.
  • Critical Thinking: The course develops the students with tools required for critical thinking required for making strategic corporate decision in continuously changing business environment.
  • Improved Self Confidence & Dynamism: The course helps to improve self confidence and dynamism through exposure in entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.
  • Mobility in the Global Job Market:Having MBA degree ensures greater mobility and increase job opportunities in the global job market.

College reserves the right to revise rates every year in line, for example, with changes to higher education policy or inflationary increases in the college’s costs.

Tuition Fees : £8000.00

For more information on fees, please contact us.

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