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Ms. Marinalva A. De Sousa

Marina is a Business Management Student from Brazil she strongly believes that Kensington College of Business (KCB) will fully prepare herself to become a successful Business Lady by providing her the academic knowledge and practical skills to cope with any challenges that comes towards her in the future. Marina is expected to complete her Higher National Certificate (HNC) in June 2015. She is planning to continue her Studies at Kensington College of Business to BA level. Her current employment in the Finance sector was the reason why she was attracted to study Business Management. Hence she contacted Study Bridge and asked us if we could help her to enroll into the program.

“I decided to study the Business Management course at KCB because I was very impressed when Study Bridge explained me about the course. I personally think that this is the best study programme towards my pathway as it is tailored to my career ambitions. It is great to have a insight view about world of Business which is more exciting than I have imagined. Having the qualification from KCB will put me where I want to be, working in a fast growing Business industry. It will influence my confidence and capability in a strong and a positive way”

Mrs. Oana Ancuta

Oana is a Romanian Student studying at Kensington College of Business. She was a passionate worker in the medical field. While working as a nurse, she decided to move to UK with her family. She contacted Study Bridge and asked if we are able to enroll her to complete a degree in Business Management. As a mother of a 4 years old son, she was able to attend classes without any hassle. Kensington College of Business provides full time Course where classes are held for two days in a week, which again encourages full time mothers to attend their classes without any difficulties.

“ This is course is very useful, especially very good as I can attend my courses just for two days in a week. As a full time mum this is very convenient to balance my studies with my family. And also as I haven’t studied for long time, this is a best way to get back on track. The programme is tailored to meet my expectations and KCB provides a supportive environment for me. My qualification will make a massive difference on my CV”

What is your vision about your future?
“I want to complete my degree at Chester University and planning to enter the business field.”

Ms. Wanderlysa Espirito Santo

Wanderlysa is a passionate student from Portugal. She is full time employed in Restaurant, which inspired her to make the next step to work towards her career. She decided to do Business Management course in KCB. She contacted Study-Bridge. Wanderlysa was advised and guided through her enrolment process which was “very smooth”, according to her. Shortly after attending her first classed she told us that the college Environment is fascinating.

“I am happy that I have started my first step towards my career with KCB. I always wanted to do a course in Business Management. And KCB made it possible. The study programme is well designed and very informative and interesting. I think the lectures are very supportive and encourage us a lot. I left school long time ago, which made me a bit anxious when entering Kensington College of Business. This fear vanished within few days of attending the classes “

Where are you expecting to be after completing you degree?
“My aim is to run my own Business successfully and every day I am coming close to my dream. Educational material is not only theoretical but also provides practical skills which gives me a lot of confidence about how to run my own business successfully.”

Mr. Anthony Taylor

Antony is studying towards his Higher National Certificate (HNC) at Kensington College of Business. On our first meeting, he made us clear that he wanted to study Business Management and work at the same time. HNC classes are held two days in a week which encourages our students have flexible learning time fitting into their daily life.

“ Before I joined KCB I was studying Graphic Design at London Metropolitan University. I moved to KCB because I was not enjoying the previous course but was worried about any problems I would have in the Transfer. Study Bridge was extremely helpful as it answered all of my questions and allowed me to easily transition between the two universities, whilst letting me know all I needed, before I started the course. Also, the staff where extremely hospitable and happy to help me with any issues I had. My time at KCB is very enjoyable as the staff and students are friendly, helping us be open and have fun both inside lessons and out. No matter how hard the work is, the staff want to answer any questions you have and make sure you understand before leaving the lessons. After my HNC I will study my HND and a final top up year to get my Bachelors Degree in Business. “

Ms. Teodora Buta

Ms. Teodora is a HNC student who came to UK few months before starting her HNC course in November 2014. She came to know about Study Bridge through recommendation and contacted us. She was excited when she heard that we can help her to get fully funded HNC Programmes within a few months of moving to UK.

“ I am really happy having the opportunity to study this course because I am interested to start a career in business environment and this prepares and introduces me in such world. My aim was to become independent and building my own experience parallel to my studies which should lead me to become successful in the business market. When contacting Study Bridge they advised me that I am eligible to get student funding to pay my course fees. I find business management an appropriate pathway for anyone who wants to understand better how businesses work. Studying in this place, students are up to date spending less time gathering information and more time to meet their tasks. Taking into account there is no gap between my study levels, this course meets any expectations to study abroad and to improve my knowledge. Moreover, I am more confident and enthusiastic regarding my future. Noteworthy, Study Bridge and the staff of Kensington College of Business supported me a lot with information, but also helped me to become part of them. “

What is you goal after completing your HNC course?
"After completing my Higher National Certificate I am planning to start my BA in Business Management with Chester University.”

Ms. Neli Rogacheva

Neli is a BA student at Kensington College of Business. She consulted Study Bridge regarding a highly recognised qualification in Business Management. Her ambition to become successful in the management field impressed us a lot.

“The friendly and caring atmosphere among the staff and students at Kensington College of Business persuaded me to apply for a place of study within your institution. This shows that the staff are professional, caring and willing to help their students realise their potential and achieve the best. Having carefully researched this establishment, I was impressed by the Study Bridge’s statement that people of all walks of life and culture are welcomed. This demonstrates that the staff are tolerant and acceptable of people of all backgrounds/cultures and are willing to create a diverse community. Being impressed with the College has led me to share my good experiences with friends in London and recommend the high quality teaching provided. As a result of my recommendations, many of my friends have now applied to Kensington College of Business.

Although my time studying at Kensington College of Business has been far from easy, the high quality education provided will give me the skills and confidence to apply for a respectful job once I have completed my studies there. Like with the Mathematics High School, KCB has also provided me with a number of assignments to complete. This has led me to visit the library a number of times in order to carefully research my subject. As a foreigner, my trips to the library have enabled me to improve my English skills in reading and writing. Furthermore, it has ensured that I am able to work independently and as part of a group.”

What is your vision about your future?
“At the moment, I am working at a popular American diner. However, after the completion of my studies, I hope to become a manager/supervisor within this diner.“

Ms. Dorina Loredana Ileni

Dorina is studying Business Management in Kensington College of Business. She contacted us and requested to help her with the Student Finance and also to help her to get enrolled into a Business Management course.

“My ambition is to complete a degree at a UK college although there was always a fear not to reach the high level of English which was expected at degree level courses. This fear was wiped off when Study Bridge assured me that they would help me to reach that standard where I wanted to be.

The information they provided me was very attracted and gave me confidence in myself. Every step was explained to me. I was able to quickly integrate into a new world of College environment. The friendly and sociable staff helped me to get full advantage of the computer laps and the library. The online library of the College gives me the opportunity to look into the References accessible even from home. Furthermore, the Study skills module helps many students like me to get back on track with Assignments and gives a huge support for students whose English is not their mother tongue.”

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