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Why choose this course

The BA(Hons) Accounting & Finance programme is designed for undergraduate students with a three years duration.

  • To provide you with a firm foundation for a dynamic career in accounting and finance, this is a highly practical programme, focused on ensuring that you have the necessary skills to secure employment in the field of accounting and finance.
  • To create a platform to develop a detailed knowledge of accounting and finance, and includes the practical application of industry standard accounting software packages.
  • At final level you will have an opportunity to select modules such as corporate finance, international finance, taxation and audit. This allows you to explore the topics of your interest aligned to your career aspirations.
  • Friendly and accessible staff with opportunities for one-to-one tutorials.
  • The students will be able to develop and use a range of generic (transferable), cognitive, intellectual, personal and interpersonal skills required for effective undergraduate study and future vocational needs.
  • This course provides an appropriate base for access to further study or professional qualifications by encouraging the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become life-long learners who recognise the need to engage in Continuous Personal and Professional Development.
  • This programme will prepare students for post-University employment and careers in a wide variety of organisations and sectors.
  • It is a carefully prescribed programme of study to maximise the students’ exemptions from the professional accountancy bodies.
  • This course enables students to be strong contenders in a competitive employment environment.

Career Opportunities

This course will prepare you to become valuable graduates and Accounting professionals such as;

  • General management, Actuary, Financial Trader, Investment Analyst, Management Consultant, Retail Banker and Tax Adviser.
  • The course will prepare you for a wide range of jobs including: Accounting Technician, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Public Finance Accountant.
  • The outcome of level six should be a graduate student who will be able to offer added value to the market place by meeting the expectations of employers via the application of acquired transferable, integrated skills, and the developed body of knowledge gained from the programme.

Entry Requirements

An applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the programme and have obtained a minimum of 2 ‘A’ Level passes or equivalent qualifications including foreign qualifications or QCF Level 3 qualification including the KCB Foundation course. Other qualifications may be considered equivalent including the International Baccalaureate, and Access courses (subject to approval by University of Chester). Each application is subject to academic consideration. Please make a full application in order for us to provide an assessment.

English language proficiency :

  • Direct entry to BA – IELTS 6.0 overall with a minimum of 5.5 in each component or equivalent.
  • BA with Pre-sessional (5 - 10 weeks duration) – IELTS 5.5 overall with a minimum of 5.0 in each component

Course Content

The course contains 30 modules both core and optional, in which the assessments are exam (EX) and coursework (CW) based as shown below. Students have to pass all 18 core modules to be awarded the BA Accounting & Finance with Honours (BA Hons).

All modules carry 20 credits each and a total of 360 credits is required to be awarded a BA (Hons). Students are required to take a minimum of 6 modules in each year and 6 modules in the final year. Specialisation is achieved by providing a range of option modules and the completion of an individual research project which focuses on an appropriate issue. All options will only run when sufficient numbers have registered for the modules.

No Modules Level 4 Core/Electives Assessment Credit Weighting
1 Business Communications Core CW 20 Credits
2 Business Management Core CW 20 Credits
3 Introduction to Accounting Core CW/EX 20 Credits
4 Business Environment Core CW 20 Credits
5 Fundamentals of Information Technology Core CW/EX 20 Credits
6 Marketing Fundamentals Optional CW 20 Credits
7 Quantitative Studies Core CW/EX 20 Credits
No Modules Level 5      
8 Business Law Core CW/EX 20 Credits
9 Management Accounting Core CW/EX 20 Credits
10 Human Resources Management Core CW 20 Credits
11 Contemporary issues in Management Optional CW 20 Credits
12 Market Research Optional CW 20 Credits
13 Delivering Customer Value Optional CW 20 Credits
14 Financial Accounting Core CW/EX 20 Credits
15 Marketing Planning and Control Optional CW 20 Credits
16 Systems Analysis and Design Optional CW 20 Credits
17 Contemporary issues in Computing Optional CW 20 Credits
18 Auditing -1 Core CW/EX 20 Credits
No Modules Level 6      
19 Strategic Management Core CW/EX 20 Credits
20 International Marketing Optional CW 20 Credits
21 Informatics for E - Enterprise Optional CW 20 Credits
22 Performance Management Core CW/EX 20 Credits
23 E-Marketing Optional CW/EX 20 Credits
24 Human Factors in Computing Optional CW/EX 20 Credits
25 Financial Management Core CW/EX 20 Credits
26 Marketing Communications Optional CW 20 Credits
27 Project management Core CW 20 Credits
28 Financial Reporting Core CW/EX 20 Credits
29 Taxation Core CW/EX 20 Credits
30 Auditing 2 Core CW/EX 20 Credits

Course Assessment

The assessments are exams (EX) and coursework (CW) based.
Course Start Dates & Duration

The BA duration is 36 months of full-time study, which is divided into 9 terms with flexible start dates three times each year.

Course Start Date Course End Date Course Duration
October 2014 October 2017 36 months
January 2016 January 2019 36 months
May 2016 May 2019 36 months

Course Structure

The 3 years (36 months) is divided into 9 terms with modules to be completed within the 36 months.

Term Duration Study
1 4 months 3 modules from Level 4
2 4 months 3 modules from Level 4
3 4 months Resits/vacation
4 4 months 3 modules from Level 5
5 4 months 3 modules from Level 5
6 4 months Resits/vacation
7 4 months 3 modules from Level 6
8 4 months 3 modules from Level 6
9 4 months Resits if necessary
Total 36 months 18 modules

Each Module is marked out of 100 (%mark) with the pass mark being 40%.

Grade Point Average [GPA] Award
70-100 BA Honours First Class
60-69 BA Honours Upper Second Class
50-59 BA Honours Lower Second Class
40-49 BA Honours Third Class

The class of the Honours Degree is very important for the student’s future career and/or further study.

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