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Study Bridge offers consultancy recruitment services to prospective students. The services rendered by us are of the highest standard delivered by renowned advisors who are veterans in this profession and are well trained and experienced to do the job.

Most of our members of the staff have graduated from international programmes that provide them direct knowledge of the high level of expectation and the intimate bondage we have with our partner universities.

In view of this exposure our prospecting students always receive the best possible guidance. Their application also meets the highest academic standards, English language skills including ability to follow lectures, reading, fluent writing and communicative power.

We offer academic services covering various disciplines and also provide administrative support. Our experts guide the students to choose the career suitable for them.

By our outstanding method we have made the education process interactive focusing on innovation. With the aid of interactive learning models we help students to connect to the latest technologies for more interactive classroom experience.

We also guide the international students to fulfill appropriate regulatory requirements starting from immigration issues so that they do not have any trouble during the period of study.

Since our incorporation, we have a long standing history of managing the student experience based on the principle of providing excellence, opportunities and diversities so that they can stand out in competition as the best possible recruit by the employers.

Our advisors with international exposure in various disciplines covering academic, student welfare, legal, social and immigration requirements has made this achievement possible by their superior quality of broad spectrum student support.

Our endeavor and expertise are highly acclaimed by the academicians and also highly appreciated by the students and their families, Moreover, the sponsors and the prospective employers also highly praise our activities.

We employ persons who speak the language of the international students and are familiar with their cultural and social requirements. Our evaluation process includes painstaking review of the ability of each individual student with elaborate personal interviews and academic testing so as to help the student the his own goal and pursue it for achieving excellence in whatever course path they choose.

Our first and foremost aim is to ensure that each and every student recruited by us  is suitable to the course they are pursuing  and  is prepared to enter the world of international education with a bang.

We have partnership arrangement with the University of Chester which is a very old institution providing higher education in the United Kingdom to a large number of international students.

Our counselors guide the students to find their dream institution and the best suited course for them by offering options to choose from various country wise, city wise, college wise and course wise so that they excel in real life competition.

Free service and practical advices are provided by us to the students as soon as they are able to make their choice. These cover guidance on all aspects from helping to completing the application form, meeting the immigration and other regulatory requirements together with administrative support ensuring smooth gliding through the course.

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